High Impact Evaluation Workshop

High Impact Evaluation

High Impact Evaluation™ (HIE)is a new, predictive learning evaluation methodology developed to help organizations, not simply measure results, but also drive impact—learning, job performance, and organizational outcomes.

This extensively field-tested HIE model is being used across a range of organizations from Scotiabank to Health Canada either to evaluate and improve the impact of individual programs, or as a more strategic tool to benchmark and optimize the enterprise learning portfolio.

The High Impact Evaluation™ model is the outcome of a major, three-year Canadian research effort designed to transform training evaluation. Conducted in partnership with the Institute for Performance and Learning, the Investing in People® project was launched to “develop innovative new evaluation tools” to help companies boost the impact of their learning programs.

Why consider this workshop?

High Impact Evaluation™ gives learning professionals a powerful, results-focused way of thinking. You’ll learn how this new, evidence-based model and toolsets can help you to predict, measure, and report performance and business outcomes. Importantly, HIE tools include the innovative Gillis Quality Assurance Tool to help you identify and 'red flag' risks to impact early.

Think risk radar. You will learn how to…

     Apply the Learning Value Chain™ evaluation framework to measure, monitor, and improve outcomes—learning, job performance, and business results.

     Use the Capability and Transfer Questionnaires—new end-of-course and transfer instruments to measure learning effectiveness and ‘predict’ potential impact on job performance and organizational results.

     Develop Capability and Transfer Reporting Indices—results-at-a-glance dashboards that quickly and vividly communicate results to all stakeholders.

     Use the Impact Mapping process—a powerful methodology to ensure training is aligned to critical organizational outcomes and business results.

     Use the new electronic Gillis Quality Assurance Tool to forecast outcomes and ‘red flag’ potential risks to impact at the earliest stages—even at conceptualization and design.

     Employ the ROI Evaluation Methodology including how to build credibility by isolating training’s impact from other factors.

12/10/2018 - 12/11/2018

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