Certification Skill Demo or Portfolio Submission

After you have passed your certification exam, you will then complete your work product skill demonstration. CTDP candidates demonstrate their proficiency in either Assessing Performance Needs, Designing Learning Experiences or Facilitating Learning. CTP candidates demonstrate their proficiency in Facilitating Learning Experiences.

For some tips and tools to prepare for your exam and skill demo (Facilitating Learning) you can download and read a certified member’s experience.

Download the Assessing Performance Needs worksheet.

Download the Designing Learning Experiences worksheet.

Download the Facilitating Learning Experiences via 30 minute video submission worksheet.

Candidates are also required to submit a professional reference. Please use the I4PL Certification Reference Sheet for this submission.

See Certification Fast Fact sheet and the Certification Handbook for more information.

For Senior Portfolio Candidates: Review the entire worksheet including the categories outlined and the documentation requirements.
12/7/2018 - 12/7/2018

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