Manitoba: Creating High-Impact Virtual Learning Experiences

Manitoba: Creating High-Impact Virtual Learning Experiences
*SOLD OUT* Imagine if you could deliver virtual learning in a way that was so valuable and engaging that your participants prefer it to going to a classroom and listening to an instructor. This session will show you how to create a rich, robust, collaborative virtual classroom environment that delivers a compelling learning opportunity. In this interactive one-day workshop, you will learn engagement techniques that build collaborative learning, innovative uses of the chat, polling, and annotation functions, and how to maintain attention and interest in the virtual classroom. Experience great virtual learning first hand, as Cynthia Clay, author of Great Webinars: How to Create Interactive Learning that is Captivating, Informative and Fun, models webinar delivery while you’re logged into a webinar in the face-to-face classroom.


As per the original event web page, here is the information below in case needed. Note: - All participants are required to bring a laptop. - Bring a short segment of a course that you’d like to “re-purpose” for the virtual classroom based on the techniques presented.

At the end of this workshop you will be able to:
· Adopt the tools and tricks of creating an engaging virtual experience
· Apply what you learn to a virtual program you are working on
· Deliver to your participants valuable, engaging virtual learning
Event Location: Manitoba Club,  194 Broadway, Winnipeg, Mb Event Date: April 17, 2018


8:30 - 9:00 Coffee and Networking
9:00 – 12:15 Welcome - Advantages and Disadvantages of Web Conference Training - Common Webinar Errors: What Goes Wrong in the Virtual Classroom? - POW! Design Tips for Virtual Facilitators
12:15 - 1:30 Lunch Provided 1:30 - 4:30 Repurpose a face-to-face exercise for interactive delivery in a web conference platform.   - Solution Sharing - Best Practices for Webinars of Different Sizes - Competencies of a Virtual Facilitator - Wrap Up/End of Session

Speaker Biography
Cynthia Clay is the President/CEO of NetSpeed Learning Solutions (based in Seattle Washington) and the author of Great Webinars: How to Create Interactive Learning that is Captivating, Informative, and Fun! Her company helps people increase their effectiveness in virtual environments.

NetSpeed Learning Solutions provides licensed instructor-led virtual programs that help employees, supervisors, and managers communicate effectively, resolve conflict, provide strong customer service, and lead individuals and teams in the virtual workplace. They also work with clients who want to transition from the the face-to-face classroom to interactive, blended virtual learning. The company’s clients include Navy Federal Credit Union, Marriott International, Grainger, Citi Group, Novartis, and Genentech.

Cynthia is a passionate advocate of brain-based learning principles and works with instructional designers and virtual facilitators to apply stellar practices in the virtual classroom.

4/17/2018 8:30 AM - 4/17/2018 4:30 PM

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